Live life to the full with Helmetex. Communicate and do your favourite things with a feeling of comfort and confidence — at home or at work, when visiting someone or at the cinema, in the car or during sports activities. No more unpleasant odours. There is only a feeling of cleanliness and freshness.

About the Helmetex

How Helmetex emerged

My name is Pavel. I am the founder of the company Helmetex. Motorcycles take an important place in my life: I engage in motocross and travel around the world. During one of my trips, I noticed that my helmet had developed an unpleasant odour that prevented me from enjoying the rest of my trip. Having decided to find a product that would eliminate the odour in my helmet without a need for washing it, I discovered that the existing products didn't eliminate ingrained odours, but only partially suppressed them. That made me think — there were surely other people around who were experiencing the same problem as me.

This was how the development of the first Helmetex neutraliser for helmets began. As a result, we came up with a very effective product that has no rivals in the world and is in high demand. In the process of development, we received more and more requests from dealers for odour neutralisers for sports equipment, household goods etc.Therefore, we expanded the Helmetex range based on life situations and market demand. This is how the home neutraliser appeared, as well as the ones to eliminate the odour of pets, for special services and professional military and other categories that you can find in our catalogue.

Cleanliness Laboratory

Helmetex Laboratory professional chemists are constantly engaged in the search for new solutions in the field of cleanliness, hygiene and odour removal.

The innovative formula developed at Helmetex does not mask odours, but eliminates them quickly and effectively at the molecular level.

Helmetex products are certified, have a neutral PH, do not cause allergic reactions and are safe for human and animal skin.

Our distributors

Mr. Moto

Helmetex products can be purchased in more than 200 stores across Russia, as well as in all the leading online stores. Helmetex is the first product eliminating odours at the molecular level that is exported to the United States, Europe and other countries.